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December 10, 2013

Food parcels open new doors - report from C4I Ukraine

The food parcel action is in full swing now. Food parcels were distributed to quite a number of small villages by Nataliya Krizhanovski, our Christians for Israel co-worker in the Ukraine, for the first time. This is done in alliance with the leaders of the small Jewish communities who know the exact amount of food parcels required by individuals. The food parcels are a sign of comfort, and the people are brought to a momentary standstill when we tell them that this operation is made possible by individuals mostly from the Netherlands and Belgium.

We share the love of God and His promises and desire for the Jewish people, worldwide, to permanently return to and be planted in Israel, with them. A couple of families in the villag

es of Ukrainka and Christinovka required more information about returning, and were brought into contact with a local representative of the Jewish Agency, who will follow it up.

In the past weeks we distributed food parcels during various Chanukah celebrations in Sevastopol, Chmilnitsky, Kamenents-Podolsky and Dunaivsty. Inthe coming weeks we will be active in quite a number of new places too! The first snow has fallen in the Ukraine. Please pray for good health and protection for the chauffeurs during the long journeys.

Koen Carlier
Aliyah Fieldworker
Christians for Israel Ukraine



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