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December 16, 2013

Update C4I Project - Hineni Soup Kitchen

As from Thursday December 12 Jerusalem was hit by a snow storm, described by Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat as a "tsunami", reaching up to 60 centimeters of snow.

As a result the roads in and out of Jerusalem were closed, leaving thousands of people stranded in the snow. The IDF (Israeli Defence Force), Police and volunteers had to launch rescue operations throughout Thursday-Friday night until deep into the morning, this in order to reach over 2,000 travelers trapped in cars, buses, and on roads. At one point putting out a public call for help from anybody with a 4X4 vehicle.

Over a thousand people were evacuated to temporary shelters. In addition the electricity corporation declared a national state of emergency as over 35,000 households where left without power, of which 50% are in Jerusalem and its surrounding villages. 

Many people came together and worked to save lives and help those in need, especially children and the elderly. Hineni Jerusalem, one of C4I's projects, also contributed to this goal, and against all odds its director Benjamin Philip was able to get some of its staff members together under the leadership of its logistical manager David and volunteer Chef Zev, enabling Hineni Jerusalem to cook hundreds of meals for the homeless, needy and stranded people. An effort that was only made possible with the new kitchen equipment donated by Christians for Israel. 

Throughout the snow storm Hineni Jerusalem was able to cook and distribute warm meals to many needy people, including over 50 troubled youth who came for warm meals throughout the Shabbat. Rescue services came until deep in the night to collect warm meals for the stranded people. Hineni feels humble and grateful to have had the opportunity to help those in need thanks to its devoted staff, volunteers and sponsors.


Hundreds of meals were prepared
in Hineni's new kitchen


Entrance Hineni Jerusalem


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