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November 21, 2013

C4I Netherlands builds largest Hanukkiah in the world


This year, the Jewish community celebrates Hanukkah (the holiday of light) from 27th November to 5th December. During this holiday the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem is commemorated. Each evening one extra candle of the Hanukkiah is lit.

Christians for Israel has built the largest Hanukkiah in the world: an impressive construction of almost 12 meters high. This Hanukkiah will be lit on Wednesday 27th November at 7.30 pm by Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, in presence of the Ambassador of Israel to the Netherlands Haim Divon, the Mayor of Nijkerk, several members of the Dutch Parliament, and many hundreds of supporters of Israel and the Jewish people.

This unique event is a sign of friendship and connection from Christians to the State of Israel and the Jewish communities worldwide. The Hanukkiah, shaped in the form of the Star of David, is a landmark that illustrates the light that Israel and the Jewish people are to the world, and it symbolizes in a beautiful way universal values such as friendship, tolerance and appreciation.

More information:
Sara van Oordt-Jonckheere – head of Communications
Tel. +31-651860886

Lighting on first evening of Hanukkah, 27th November at 7.30 pm in Nijkerk (the Netherlands)






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