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November 22, 2013

Fiera is all alone. Are you going to help her? - report from C4I Ukraine

On Wednesday 13 November we have started with our yearly food parcel project in the Ukraine. We will distribute the food parcels in about 80 villages at set times to poor Jewish families. With these parcels we tell 'the good news' as described in the prophets: God will bring His people back to Israel from exile.

Fiera Israelovna Bakman is one of the persons who will receive a food parcel. She was born 87 years ago in the Jewish town Tulchin, in the Ukraine. Fiera and her mother managed to timeously escape from the Nazi’s when the war started, but her father did not survive. Fiera remembers the Second World War as if it happened yesterday. Approximately 10,000 Jews lived in and around Tulchin before the war. The majority of them were murdered and dumped in a mass-grave in the forests of Pechora, about 40 kilometers away. The 10,000 Jews in Tulchin have now dwindled to 140. Fiera, who is lonely, is one of them. She worked as head nurse for many years, never married, and lives in a minute flat since she’s on pension. The need for, and having to pay for expensive medication, makes it impossible to make ends meet with the grant she receives.

That is why Christians for Israel will provide her with food parcels during this Winter. Our visits and actual support make a difference in the lives of thousands of poor Jewish families, the lonely aged and Holocaust survivors.

Our goal: 30,000 food parcels for the Jewish community in the Ukraine. 
Will you participate?

This winter we will drive with 5 mini busses through the Ukraine and hand out the food parcels in cooperation with local Jewish authorities. Because the products we buy are for a good cause, we were able to purchase them for

sharp prices. It will be a busy end of the year and we hope that the winter will not trouble us too much! We ask you to pray for protection during the many journeys the drivers have to make and also for open hearts, in order for the Jewish people to hear His calling to return to Israel!  

Koen Carlier
Aliyah Fieldworker
Christians for Israel Ukraine

If you want to help, please donate online. 
One food parcel: €10 or $14




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 Handing oud foodparcels
 90-year old Chaya Zilberman receives her foodparcel and says: 'Take me to Israel right away.'

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