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November 18, 2013

Christians for Israel growing in Asia!

Interview with Wilson Ng – C4I Regional Coordinator, South East Asia

There is undoubtedly a tremendous work of the Holy Spirit in Asia at the moment. Thousands if not millions are coming to Christ each year across the region. As part of this, God is raising people who want to know more about Israel. We believe God is hovering over Asia, looking for people who understand this message about Israel as part of His plan to prepare the body of Christ for Jesus’ coming.

Rev. Willem Glashouwer and others have been visiting these countries since 2005, building contacts and laying spiritual seeds. The big breakthrough occurred when we organized a Christians for Israel leadership conference last year (2012) in Kuala Lumpur, to which we invited key leaders from many Asian nations – Korea, Philippines, Indonesia,Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand – and all met together for three days for teaching, prayer and fellowship. That really laid the foundation for Christians for Israel to develop in the region. Today we have Christians for Israel offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and India, and we are working with partners in Thailand and Hong Kong. We followed this conference up by organizing conferences in Thailand, India, Indonesia and mainland China in 2013. We are developing teaching materials (books, DVDs and websites) in many Asian languages.

Left to right: Tony Tam (Hong Kong), Wilson Ng, Andrew Tucker, and the team of Indonesia.

I believe that God is on the move and we just need to be instruments to deliver this message.

We believe that in the coming period this message will move into many other nations such as Pakistan, Vietnam, Nepal, East Timor, Papua New Guinea.

It was incredible that Willem Glashouwer was given the opportunity to teach at the largest official Christian seminary in Wuhan in mainland China last October. The door has been opened to publish his book “Why Israel?” in China. Only God can do that.

I personally travel extensively throughout the region, speaking in churches and at conferences. I have over 30 years experience in Christian ministry in Asia. I recently was invited to speak at a major rally in Pakistan, which was attended by over 10,000 new Christians. God is doing miracles.

This is an end-times message – as Christians we need to be aware that God is restoring His people back to the land, in fulfilment of His own word. We are encouraging Christians in Asia to align ourselves with what God is doing in our generation. This is a message that really resonates with Asians, who do not have a history of anti-Semitism, and are generally very open to the work of the Holy Spirit.

I would ask Christians in Holland to pray for us, and support us financially as we seek to spread this crucial message into the churches throughout Asia. 


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