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November 14, 2013

Igor refused to leave the Ukraine until... / Direct answer to our prayers!

Report by our Aliyah fieldworker Koen Carlier

After the Day of Atonement we had the opportunity to transport six young people from Vinnitsa (Ukraine), and two other small villages, to the airport in Kiev. A total of 33 youth left on a special program for young people who wish to emigrate – or make aliyah – to Israel. All the youth were accompanied by either one or two parents. We started the journey after checking that everybody had their passports and all the other required official documentation. The rain was pelting down, and we had to take extra care to avoid the deceitful, water-filled potholes. But all went well, and we arrived at Kiev airport at ten thirty in the morning. Two persons from the Jewish Agency were there to receive us and ensure that all travel documents were complete and in order. When it was Mila’s turn, the mother of fifteen year old Igor, it appeared that a very important official document was missing: a declaration, signed by a solicitor, in which the parents give consent for travel.

With the group at the airport. /Photo: C4I

What now? Igor could not leave. We did all we could, an succeeded, in having the required documents faxed to the El Al office at the airport. Igor was almost the last person through passport control. But, then he was turned away because he did not have the original document. Everybody was disappointed. Mila phoned Channi, the wife of the rabbi in Vinnitsa, and asked her to pray that Igor would be able to go. We also prayed, and waited with bated breath.

Breakdown on the way back. / Photo: C4I

The customs official left his office to speak to his supervisor. The unfriendly Ukrainian scrutinized the faxed document, glanced at worried-looking Igor, back at the fax and again at, now quietly weeping, Igor. And then, in an extraordinary move, he was allowed to go! It was an absolute miracle. But this is typical for the Ukraine: ‘Nothing is allowed, but all is possible’. Indeed, with God nothing is impossible. 

Midway on our return journey, the water pump ruptured, and the broken bus had to be towed with the other bus, to a repair shop in Vinnitsa. We are glad this happened on our way back from the airport. Apparently someone was not happy that Igor could go to Israel in the end!

You read about clearing stones and overcoming obstacles in the Bible. We often experience this as well, but we also experience the promise that the Lord is absolutely faithful and returns and plants His people in His land with all His heart and all His Soul!

The cost, of bringing one Jew from the Ukraine to Israel is € 135. You can donate online. Thank you, in advance, for making a donation.

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