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November 4, 2013

European Coalition for Israel Annual Policy Conference

Christians for Israel is one of the founding partners of the European Coalition for Israel (ECI), which was established in 2004. From the start, we recognized the importance of founder Tomas Sandell's vision for a dedicated non-Jewish organisation to "lobby" on behalf of Israel in Brussels and the capital cities of Europe. There is still a close connection between ECI and Christians for Israel (C4I). Rev. Willem Glashouwer was Chairman for many years, and is now still honorary Chairman of the ECI. Harald Eckert is Chairman of C4I and the ECI, and Andrew Tucker (Executive Director C4I) is acting as Legal Counsel for the ECI. Several of the C4I affiliates (eg. Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Italy) are also closely connected with and involved in the work of ECI. The ECI has a board of Christian leaders from UK, Germany, Sweden, Israel/USA and Finland. See the ECI website:

We wish to draw your attention to the upcoming Annual ECI Policy Conference on Wednesday 13th November in Brussels. The topic of the conference is: EU Middle East policy forty years after the Yom Kippur war - where to now? The conference will focus on EU policy concerning Jerusalem and the "occupied territories". High level speakers will address current EU policy on the settlements and "occupied territories". Since 1973, the EU has made a positive policy choice to create a Palestinian state based on the so-called "pre-1967 borders", and restrict the right of Jews to live in the land to which God is restoring them. International law is being used as an instrument to justify this policy.

At the conference, the ECI will present an "open letter" to EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and the EU Council of Foreign Ministers. In the letter, the ECI urges the EU to withdraw the proposed guidelines on EU funding to Israeli entities in the "occupied territories", and to review EU policy concerning these territories. The letter is being signed by a number of prominent European (former and current) politicians. Please pray that the Lord will give us openings with the right people who will be prepared to sign the letter.

On Thursday morning 14th November there will be two workshops in Brussels - one led by Harald Eckert for pastors, and the other led by Andrew Tucker and Bedros Nassanian for young adults.

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