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Biblical understanding about Israel

October 24, 2013

Rev. Willem Glashouwer in Linz, Austria

On Saturday the 19th of October 2013 Willem Glashouwer was invited to hold a Seminar on the theme “Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all nations?” (Zecharia 12:3)
The seminar was hosted by the Elaia Christengemeinden and took place in the Gemeindezentrum of the Rhema Gemeinde in Linz in Upper Austria.

With 350 participants listening to Willem Glashouwer’s brilliant teaching, he took us on a journey through the biblical line of Jerusalem, explaining the significance of the city in God’s plan of salvation for mankind and how this became clear in the history of Israel. The second session covered the 7 covenants with Israel, Kingdom-theology, the background of today’s conflict in the Middle East and the attitude of the Church and of the nations (including the attitude of Islam).

The day concluded with a description of and invitation to take part in the March of Life (Marsch des Lebens) by Marie-Louise Weissenböck. The March is planned by Christen an der Seite Israels – Austria in cooperation with the Elaia Christengemeinden, the TOS and the Gedenkkomitee Gusen for the 6th of April 2014 from Mauthausen to Gusen and St. Georgen (8 km).

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Marie-Louise Weissenböck
Christians for Israel Austria

From left to right: Pastor Jakob Krämer (Rhema Gemeinde), Willem Glashouwer (President Christians for Israel), Gerhard Führer (host), Marie-Louise Weissenböck (C4I Austria), Grete Krämer.




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