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October 10, 2013

C4I Global Executive Council kicks off! 

The Global Executive Council has been established to provide a platform for the leaders of the Christians for Israel (C4I) movement around the world to gather together for fellowship, vision-building, strategising and prayer. As the C4I movement is growing rapidly in so many different countries, it is extremely important that we are united, support each other and make optimum use of our limited resources. 

On 23-26 September the council came together for the first time in Doorn, Netherlands. The meeting was attended by our regional co-ordinators from Asia (Wilson Ng) and Africa (Elemi Samson and Drake Kanaabo), as well as C4I leaders from Australia (Ian and Mandy Worby), Austria (Marie Louise Weissenböck), UK (Phil South and Jenny Beardsmore), USA (Fred van Westing) and Israel (Marnix van Ede). They were joined by the C4I International leadership team (Harald Eckert, Willem Glashouwer, Andrew Tucker) and staff (Marloes van Westing, Jos van Westing, Ruud van Neijhof, Rita Quartel) and advisors (Dominique Fässler). 

We had three wonderful days sharing experiences and preparing vision and strategies for the coming years in the following areas:

We believe God is showing us that we need to be even more closely connected with our Heavenly Father and with each other as we move forward into times of confusion, darkness and spiritual attack. It will become increasingly difficult for Christians to stand in the gap for Israel and the Jewish people. At the same time, we sense that the Lord will raise more and more leaders in the nations who will understand the significance of Israel, the nearness of the Coming of the Lord, and the need for repentance. 

As Willem Glashouwer explained, the restoration of the Jewish people confronts the church (and Christians) increasingly with a fundamental choice. Either we must accept that God is preparing the way for the coming of the King of Kings and the establishment of His kingdom on earth - in which Israel will be first among the nations. Or we will be dragged into the Babylonian spirit of worldliness, self-contentment and apathy, in which the church is mingled with the powers and principalities of the world. The restoration of Israel is therefore a wake-up call to the church. It is time to revisit our theology and self-understanding as church.

We really felt that the Lord was present in a powerful way in our meetings. We thank God for the many different skills and talents in the different C4I teams around the world. 

Following the meetings in Holland, most of the participants travelled on by car to Berlin, for a visit to Sachsenhausen concentration camp, a tour of Berlin, and and meetings with the C4I Germany board and leadership. The visit to Sachsenhausen demonstrated to us yet again how vulnerable the Jewish people are, how weak the church in Europe is in openly defending God's covenant people, and how susceptible the nations of Europe are to totalitarianism. We were reconfirmed in our commitment not to allow the events of the 1930s to happen again. As Harald Eckert explained, what happened to the Jews in the 1930s is happening today to Israel and the Jewish nation as a whole - a gradual process of stigmatisation, isolation, delegitimisation and ultimately annihilation. The church today cannot afford to be as naive, fearful or ignorant, as so many Christians were then. 

We had wonderful fellowship with the C4I Germany team, who touched us with the work they are doing to build bridges between young Christians in Germany and Holocaust survivors.

  Visit to the Israel center in Nijkerk (C4I International head quarters)


  Setting out our media strategy
  Visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration camp

Cemetery at Große Hamburger Strasse:
Memorial for the former old-aged home and for the 55.000 Jews imprisoned here, to be sent to Auschwitz and later Theresienstadt.

  The Synagogue in Berlin
  The C4I Global Executive Council at the German Parliament







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