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July 4, 2013

Days of Israel in the Ukraine

Christians for Israel Ukraine celebrated the 65th anniversary of the independence of the modern State of Israel from 12-19 May 2013, together with the Evangelical churches of Ukraine. These ‘Days of Israel’ took place in four key regional cities of Ukraine: Donetsk, Kiev (the capital of Ukraine), Odessa, and Simferopol. This event was initiated and organized by Christians for Israel Ukraine together with the Evangelical (Gospel) churches of Ukraine in these cities, and with participation of the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Ukraine: Reuven Din El. These activities took place for the first time in our country in such a composition of the joint churches, leaders of Christianity in Ukraine and with the participation of the embassy.

 Dmitriy Mishkur and ambassador Din El

Dmitriy Mishkur (Christians for Israel’s coordinator of Church direction in the Ukraine and coordinator of dialogue and co-operation between the Evangelical (Gospel) churches of Ukraine and Israel Embassy) was the initiator and coordinator of these events. Dmitriy: “The aim of these events was to express the Biblical position of the Church in Ukraine towards Israel as the nation, state, land, and calling and to the city of Jerusalem and to involve the churches of these cities into a more active dialogue and co-operation with Israeli society.”

The Day of Israel Celebration consisted of a musical part (Israeli songs), a brief speech by key pastors of the city (about Church and Israel, Biblical and prophetic meaning of the modern state of Israel, Biblical and prophetic meaning of Jerusalem), a short film about the foundation and development of modern state of Israel, a speech by the ambassador of Israel to the Ukraine, and prayer for Israel as a state, for the gathering of the Jewish people, for God’s protection over the state and nation of Israel, for the indivisibility of the city of Jerusalem and for the fulfillment of its destiny and calling.

Vitaly Kozachenko, pastor of the "Praise" church: "The position of the evangelical churches is that the Word of God - the Bible - is directly related to Israel, to Jerusalem, to the New Jerusalem. Everything seems to be spinning around Israel and around Jerusalem. We Evangelical (Gospel) churches need to understand, accept and believe that God has not finished with Israel, because God's Word shows us that even though it is a small country today, we can – if we look closely - see the history and destiny of mankind.”

In each city hundreds of people attended the Days of Israel. Summing up the performance of pastors and bishops, Israel's ambassador to Ukraine Reuven Din El said that he had never seen such sincere support. "The last two hours I was very touched, because I have never met such a sincere, friendly support of my country. And this is not just a tribute to decency. This support is in your heart, it is sent to us very clearly.”

Dmitriy Mishkur
Christians for Israel Ukraine

Ambassador Din El and pastors from Donetsk



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