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June 20, 2013

Harald Eckert honored for support of Holocaust survivors

Harald Eckert, C4I International’s Chairman took part in a large gala event in the Jerusalem Convention Centre, where he was honored together with other Christian leaders for his work in support of Holocaust survivors in Israel. Harald has been a steadfast supporter of Holocaust survivors and has been instrumental in taking German youth to meet and serve Holocaust survivors in Israel. The encounters of young Germans with aged Israeli Holocaust survivors have a clear redemptive purpose. For some of them, this is their first encounter with a young German since the Holocaust.

Harald Eckert: “This event in Jerusalem was a special event for me. In the presence of about 2,500 Holocaust survivors I was honored on behalf of Christians for Israel and European Coalition for Israel for our support of Holocaust survivors in Israel over the last five years.”

Main purpose of this event, which was organized by Helping Hands Coalition of Israel, was to announce the start of the International Launching Event for the Preserving Holocaust Memories Initiative. This is a global initiative of writing last chapters of the Holocaust - saving living memories of all survivors of concentration camps and ghettos, Jewish fighters - war veterans and partisans alike, Jewish refugees from Europe, Africa, and Asia, all whom were victims of hate, rejection, and extermination, with the aim to save all 250,000 stories by 8 May 2015 – unitedly Commemorating the End of the Holocaust, by then seventy years ago.


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