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June 14, 2013

Christians for Israel Holland launches exhibition ‘Heroes of Zion’

- President Peres expresses grattitude for meanigful initiative

The Exhibition ‘Heroes of Zion’ was launched by Christians for Israel Holland on June 3, 2013. Around 250 persons attended at the opening and premiere in Nijkerk, the Netherlands. A special guest was one of the interviewees from the documentary, who came from Israel to the Netherlands with her entire family. Shulamit Tsur was born 88 years ago in the old city of Jerusalem. She remembers the 1948 declaration of the state of Israel as if it was yesterday. In the 50-minute documentary, ‘Heroes of Zion’ she gives (together with three others) an eyewitness account about the creation of the state Israel. She tells about her doubts, her grief, her despair and hope. A touching and moving story.

During the opening of the exhibition Colonel Uri Halperin was present. He is the defence and military attaché for the Benelux countries at the Israeli embassy in The Hague and Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) representative to NATO.

Below you can read the letter that Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel, sent to the Dutch office of Christians for Israel International to express his gratitude for this meaningful initiative.


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