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May 28, 2013

Conference 'Israel and the nations' with Harald Eckert in Timisoara, Romania
May 17-18

Alfa Omega, a Christians TV ministry with outreach to Romania, the Balkans and beyond, organized a conference in Timisoara, Romania from May 17-18. One of the speakers was Harald Eckert, chairman of Christians for Israel International and leader of Christians for Israel Germany. In four sessions he spoke on the topic 'Israel and the nations'. All sessions where recorded and are in the process of being aired in due time. At the same time Harald Eckerts book 'Times of Restoration' was translated and published in Romania in the Romanian language. Chapter 4 of this book contains the core message on “Israel and the nations”. Both the ministry and the book where very well received by the participants of the conference.

Harald Eckert: "For me this was a wonderful time! The hospitality and the professionalism of the Petans from Alfa Omega was wonderful. The atmosphere at the conference very open and receptive. For me and for the vision I am carrying on the '100 days of global prayer for your nation and Israel' in early 2015 this was a big step forward. Not only for Romania and Eastern Europe. But for us as Christians for Israel International and for all the partners joining us in promoting this message and the vision of the prayer call. I also very much enjoyed the cooperation with Christine Hall and her husband Peter form the '700 Club' / CBN and the other speakers."


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