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February 28, 2013

Christians for Israel Leadership Forum

Christians for Israel now has affiliates, partners and representatives in 40 countries worldwide. The network is growing rapidly. New national teams are being established in countries like Hungary, Italy, Sierra Leone, Ghana, South Sudan, Zambia, Indonesia, India, and Australia. The message about Israel, the church and the nations is gaining ground. There is an urgent need for training, educational resources and support.

Next week 80 Christians for Israel leaders from 20 nations will meet for 5 days in Jerusalem for the fourth Bi-annual Christians for Israel Leadership Forum. The goals of this Forum are:

We have a strong sense that the C4I ministry is entering a new season. We need to prepare strategies and form weapons which will enable us to meet the challenges and opportunities facing us. We need to act and move in unity.

Please pray for the leaders who are struggling with finances and visas, and for all the participants as we meet in the coming days.

Andrew Tucker


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