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February 20, 2013

5,000 extra food parcels needed in the Ukraine


We are now busy preparing for a third food parcel packaging and distribution action from the 15th to the 22nd of February. Four Dutch citizens, of whom two will be in the Ukraine for the first time, will assist us in this. We will personally pack, and distribute, 1,500 food parcels in eighteen villages and towns in the province of Vinnitsa. The storage had been cleared  and is ready for the wholesaler to deliver the goods at the end of next week.

At the end of last and the beginning of this year, we distributed a number of food parcels in new locations. We received positive reactions that included: “what a pleasant surprise”, “thank you for remembering us during these cold winter months” and “we will give seriously thought to what you said about returning”. We also received a number of thank you letters.

People often ask us: “is this a once-off, or will you be returning?” But, when looking these people in the eye, it is impossible not to say: “we promise to return again this winter, but it is impossible to say when”.

Various rabbi’s, from other provinces, contacted us with a request for assistance with food parcels for children and parents of Jewish schools. We were also approached by Michael Brodman (grandson of rabbi David Brodman), co-responsible for the Tikva orphanage and the large Jewish school in Odessa, to organize a distribution action for the local Jewish community.

After all the many requests had been added, it came to a total of over 5,000 extra food parcels that are required for distribution via our partners this winter - that looks as though it will last until March. It remains bitterly cold and we’ve had a fresh load of snow that only adds to the large amount already present. The highways are fairly passable – although new potholes have appeared and will not be repaired before April - but the poorly maintained secondary roads lead to enormous frustration. And yet, when the chauffeurs look at the thankful faces of the people who receive food parcels, they joyfully drive to their next destination!

Although we, unfortunately, do not have the finances for the 5,000 extra food parcels, we hope and anticipate that it will be possible, with your assistance. We thank you, in advance, for your help!

Please support the food parcel action by donating online. Food parcels, costing €10 each, are vitally important for many needy Ukrainian Jews during this barren Winter.




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