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February 20, 2013

New doors opened in Thailand for the message about Israel

Dear friends,

My wife and I have been living and working as missionaries in Thailand for over 30 years. We know Willem Glashouwer from our days as young Christians in Holland, and have kept contact over the years. Last year, we arranged to have Rev. Glashouwer’s book Why Israel? translated into Thai. The book was printed in time for his visit to Thailand last month.

Generally speaking, the Christians in Thailand are not familiar at all with the concept that God has made eternal Covenants with Israel, and that He who created Israel and is faithful to what is stated in both Old and New Testaments. The writings and teachings of Rev. Glashouwer are bringing in new understanding on these issues, and opening the eyes of many Christians in Thailand to the times we are living in the reality of God’s work in these last days.

After a year of preparations, Rev. Willem Glashouwer visited Thailand from 17th – 27th January 2013 to speak in many churches. This was his first visit to Thailand. During these two weeks, many conferences and seminars were held to promote the book Why Israel?, and to share more understanding about God’s purposes for Israel. We started in Bangkok, where we organized a conference with Friends of Israel, who are associated since 2005 under the beautiful name: “We love Israel”. For 2 days Rev. Glashouwer taught for 7 hours each day for an audience of 180 people. The people wanted to hear more, but there was no more time. During the meeting, the Israeli flag was hoisted in between two Thai flags to symbolize that the Thai Christians are side by side with Israel.

On Sunday 20th January two Church Services and a seminar were held in Bangk

Why Israel? in Thai
ok where also a number of theology students were present. During the visit to the CCT Church, the leaders appeared interested to invite Willem to return to Thailand to teach to clergy from all over Thailand. On the last Sunday in Bangkok there was a service in a Pentecostal Church with love for Israel.

The following week, seminars were organized in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai for clergy and church leaders. 50 theology students from the Payap University were present.
In two Church Services in the CCT First Church in Chiang Mai on the last Sunday (27th January), the focus was on the Gospel. The message was received with sincere attention and joy.

Almost 1000 books in Thai were sold during Rev. Glashouwer’s visit and we are thinking of printing a second edition. If we can raise the finances for the translating and editing, we also plan to translate Willem’s book Why End Times? in Thai.

The twelve intensive days in Thailand flew by. On Monday 28th January Rev. Willem Glashouwer and his wife Marianne flew home to Holland. In February Rev. Glashouwer will be in Suriname and French Guyana. In this way he will travel the globe in the coming year.

Thanks for all the prayers that made his trip to

Willem and Marianne Glashouwer (left) with Kees and Willemijn Brouwer (right)
Thailand so fruitful.

Greetings and God’s blessings,

Kees and Willemijn Brouwer












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