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December 21, 2012

Please consider C4I International in your end-of-year giving

We have just completed four amazing regional conferences (Austria, Uganda, Nigeria and Malaysia), which have resulted in many new regional and national C4I teams. You can read about these conferences on our website and also on our Facebook page:

For an impression of how things are developing in the regions:
- You can read Harald Eckert’s report on the regional East Africa meetings in Kampala last September.
- Read the Andrew Tucker's report on the conference in Malaysia in November for the C4I leadership teams in Asia Pacific region.

As this ministry grows around the world, our highest priority is to disciple, teach, encourage and equip a new generation of C4I leaders to take on more responsibility for teaching and training in the regions – ie. Train-the-trainers! We praise God for the talented leaders He is raising in the nations. Our task at C4I International is to channel and equip that talent, so that the national C4I leaders can make a huge impact in their countries. The newly-appointed regional coordinators have an extremely important role to play in this. In addition, Willem Glashouwer, Harald Eckert, and Andrew Tucker and the other members of the C4I International team will be making visits to each of the regions in 2013 to assist in training-the-trainers. Training-the-trainers was the main object of the recent regional Training and Leadership conferences. It is the main object of the Distance Learning Program (which will be launched in early 2013), and of the 2013 Leaders Forum in Jerusalem.

We really need your ongoing financial support to help us take the next steps. Consider contributing to one or more of the following projects:









Establish and train new national C4I teams


Start-up costs for establishment of new C4I Affiliates in 2013: Zambia, Rwanda, Congo, South Sudan, Botswana, Indonesia, Philippines, India and Vietnam.

This includes costs of registering C4I affiliates, and providing basic C4I training program to the new leadership teams. Projects are coordinated by the Regional Coordinators, under supervision of C4I International.


€2000 per country


New C4I affiliates


Why Israel TV – production


Production of new TV programs by Willem J.J. Glashouwer in Kenya in partnership with Family Media (for distribution via internet and on TV in Africa) – December 2012

  • A series of 5-minute programs entitled Focus on the Future
  • Four 25-minute teachings: Why End Times



WITV production


Why Israel TV – broadcasting


Purchase Air-time in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda - €500 per quarter (3 months) per country for 5-minute Focus on the Future programs to be aired three times per week in prime time.




Focus on Future


Why Israel Training


Production and roll-out of – an interactive, web-based Distance Learning Program for pastors, students and church leaders in developing countries who want to know more about God’s purposes with Israel, the church and the nations (see attached)




C4I representative in Israel


Engage a person to represent C4I International in Israel. Tasks include: connecting the C4I affiliates with people in Israel (including organizing educational tours and programs in Israel); assist monitoring projects supported by the C4I affiliates; assisting C4I leadership to liaise with Israeli ministries and other public officials; networking with Israeli organizations; providing regular reports to the C4I global network.




C4I in Israel

Bank account details
Bank: ABN-AMRO Bank, Nijkerk, The Netherlands
Account holder: Christians for Israel International
Swift code of the Bank: A B N A N L 2 A

EURO Account No: 5245.05.209 (IBAN-Code: NL 57 ABNA 05245.05.209)
CAD $ Account No: 6275.15.428 (IBAN-Code: NL 03 ABNA 06275.15.428)
USD $ Account No: 6275.15.460 (IBAN-Code: NL 12 ABNA 06275.15.460)

Christians for Israel International
P.O. Box 1100
3860 BC Nijkerk
The Netherlands

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