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November 26, 2012

Growing C4I network in Asia Pacific

We thank God for an amazing C4I training and leadership conference in Kuala Lumpur from 21-24 November. 45 leaders attended from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar and Nepal. All of these were experienced Christian leaders who are developing the C4I ministry in their nations.

Willem Glashouwer taught four intensive 90 minute sessions on Why Israel?, exploring the Biblical significance of Israel, the covenants, the relationship between the church and Israel, and the end times. Although the participants were experienced Bible teachers, we were all deeply moved to realize the depth of God's purposes as revealed in the Bible in creating the nation of Israel as His vehicle for redemption of the world and the blessing of the nations.

Harald Eckert led a moving session on Israel and the nations, focussing on God's redemptive purposes, and the choices facing the nations as we move towards the coming of the Lord and the valley of decision (Joel 2-3 and Zechariah 14).

Andrew Tucker spent two sessions explaining the history of the modern nation of Israel, and the status of Judea and Samaria (the area often referred to as the West Bank) under international law.

On Friday Harald led us through some Biblical principles for team building and leadership development, and in a series of interactive workshops we explored many communications tools and strategies for getting this message out into the churches in our nations. We were all deeply moved by the presentations of the national representatives. We concluded the day in prayer for eachother, our nations and our churches.

On the final day, Saturday, the leaders of the various countries met to discuss and decide how to develop the C4I ministry further in the region. C4I has been formally established in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia. A regional leadership council has been established. National teams will now be developed and trained in Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and India. Many conferences and meetings are being planned across the region in 2013.

In March 2013 all the national C4I teams globally plan to meet together in Jerusalem at the Fourth Bi-annual C4I International Leadership Forum.

We thank God for the wonderful men and women whom the Lord is raising in this part of the world to fulfiul the C4I mission: to raise Biblical understanding in the church and nations about God's purposes with Israel, the church and the nations, and to comfort Israel through prayer and action.

Andrew Tucker, Executive Director, C4I International

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