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November 19, 2012

Special meeting in the Ukraine between Christian leaders and Israeli ambassador

On the 13th of November there was a meeting between the ambassador of Israel and the key leaders of the Evangelical Christianity in Ukraine. This meeting was initiated and organized by Christians for Israel Ukraine and held at the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine. Koen Carlier and Dmitriy Mishkur were present on behalf of Christians for Israel. It was a very open, friendly and constructive meeting. All the participants noticed that it was the first time that such a meeting in our country took place, in such atmosphere and in such composition of participants. Everybody agreed that this meeting is an open door into the further building of a dialog, mutual relationships and joint actions. Dmitriy Mishkur was elected as a link for co-ordination of further meetings and projects. Although not all invited christian leaders could take part in this meeting it was very productive.

 Dmitriy Mishkur
C4I Ukraine




Far left: Koen Carlier
Far right: Dmitriy Mishkur



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