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September 24, 2012

C4I East Africa Training and Leadership Conference

Last week we had a wonderful 2 day leadership conference in Kampala - 50 Christian leaders came together, representing the C4I teams in Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya and Zambia. There were extensive teachings and lively workshops led by Willem J.J. Glashouwer, Harald Eckert, Andrew Tucker and Drake Kanaabo. The participants are all actively involved in the C4I ministry. We were deeply impressed by their Bible knowledge, experience and commitment to the C4I mission. All the participants received extensive teaching materials including powerpoint presentations, the books Why Israel? (updated and expanded edition) and Why End Times? by Willem J.J. Glashouwer and the book Times of Restoration by Harald Eckert.

During these two days, the Lord impressed upon us how deeply connected the restoration of Israel is to His work of redemption in the body of Christ and in the nations. God's is restoring Israel in order that she can fulfil her calling to be a blessing to the nations! The conference ended with a prayer meeting - in real African style(!)praying for eachother, the church in Africa, our nations, the C4I ministry in Africa and Israel. We have the sense that a very powerful movement is developing in Africa, being carried by a new generation of African Christian leaders. We thank God for the work he is doing to revive Christians in Africa to a new awakening and awareness of the Jewish roots and destiny of the Church, and commitment to stand in the gap for Israel. In preparation for the coming of he King of Kings!

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