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Biblical understanding about Israel

September 28, 2012

Thousands in South America reached with Biblical message about Israel

Rev. Willem J. J. Glashouwer traveled through Bolivia and Argentina from 17 August to 8 September 2012. During this three-week trip organized by Ebenezer Operation Exodus, he spoke in numerous churches, at conferences, at Bible schools and on the radio. Hundreds of pastors and thousands of Christians were reached with the biblical message about Israel. In addition, many copies of the book "Por Que Israel?" (Why Israel?) were distributed.

Rev. Glashouwer always felt a certain calling when it came to South America. “During my theological studies - 45 years ago - I applied for a missionary post in Peru. But this did not work out. In the context of 'Christians for Israel' this calling towards South America was again awakened a few years ago."

Rev. Glashouwer explains how the doors towards South America were suddenly opened: "Because of my renewed calling for South America, I prayed about it. But still nothing happened! Also Pim van der Hoff (C4I Board member) was praying for South America, especially for Argentina. This was in January 2011, just before the two of us went to the conference of 'Ebenezer Operation Exodus’ in Israel. They had invited me to speak for their 250 representatives from around the world who were gathered in Jerusalem. As Christians for Israel, we have worked with Ebenezer in close cooperation for many years and together we help the Jewish people to return to Israel. During this conference, someone from Ebenezer came to Pim and me to invite me to speak in Argentina! From this one conference, many invitations came to speak in South America."

In 2011 visited Rev. Glashouwer Mexico, then Bolivia, Chile and Peru in January 2012 and recently again Bolivia and Argentina, at the invitation of Ebenezer Operation Exodus. "In a sense, South America is still 'unspoiled' regarding replacement theologies and influence of the Islam etc. Although you sense that it is starting to change. Therefore, I believe that there is an urgency to bring the biblical message about Israel in South America."

Rev. Glashouwer says that the trips have led to great breakthroughs for many Christians and pastors in South America. "The response to the message about Israel, Aliyah, the End Times and the Coming of the Lord and His Kingdom, are overwhelming. The Lord opened the eyes of hundredss of pastors and Christians in many churches and denominations for this Biblical message. They all want more education about Israel. For many years the people of Ebenezer in South America have been praying for this - without anything happening. And suddenly, there are these breakthroughs!"


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