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Biblical understanding about Israel

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is returning Israel home?

Why is the Lord returning His people home?

Why is it necessary for Israel to return?

Why is the Lord returning to Jerusalem?

Why is Israel the apple of God's eye?

What are God's purposes for Israel?

Why have mercy with Israel?

Are God's promises to His people reliable?

Frequently Asked Questions (by Jewish people)

Why do Evangelical Christians love Israel and stand with the Jewish people?

Are you a Christian Zionist? (Subjective)

What makes you Evangelicals believe that God loves the Jews?

Isn’t the real agenda of Evangelicals to get Jews to convert and accept Jesus?

Do you believe that Jews killed Jesus?

If you support Israel, does that mean you agree with all of her policies?

Does your support for the Jews and Israel mean you are against the Arabs and Palestinians?

(Source: Watchmen on the Wall, A Practical Guide to Prayer for Jerusalem and Her People – Kairos Publishing, PO Box 450, Clarence, NY 14031 – Credit Robert Stearns, Eagles’ Wings).