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C4I International Board meeting, June 2010

The Board of C4I International (comprising Rev. Dr. John Tweedie (Chair), Harald Eckert (Secretary), Bert Fluit (Treasurer), Pim van der Hoff and Dick Schutte), together with Andrew Tucker (Executive Director), will meet in Holland from 21 - 23 June 2010.

C4I International functions as the hub in the wheel of the global C4I network. Its role is to serve the C4I ministries in the nations so that they can be more effective at the local level in spreading the message, and mobilizing support for Israel and the Jewish people. In particular, C4I International -

1. Helps plant and build new national C4I operations
2. Co-ordinates the work of Christians for Israel internationally
3. Develops key educational resources

The C4I global ministry faces a number of major challenges in the coming period, such as

• Wisdom to know how to develop our work in Islamic countries
• the development of a new board and strategy in USA
• the development of strong leadership teams in the new countries, especially SE Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa
• preparations for the C4I International Forum to be held in Israel 14-21 March 2011.
Please pray for the Board as it meets in June to consider these issues.